If you could access a Brains Trust that could tell you if you are on track to building a million-dollar business, or bankruptcy, would you use it?

Imagine if you could create your own path to success AND follow a trail of breadcrumbs that other successful people have left behind for you...

Wondering if you are the common factor in the

challenges you keep facing?

Creating your own path AND benefiting from the experience of others usually only comes from finding a mentor who has actually created a million-dollar business.

We all want that, but it is a lot like winning the lottery....

We all know that how you think as an employee is different to how you need to think as an entrepreneur... And we know that how you think, converts into how you act.

In an ideal world, we would all have someone to help us learn how to make the switch, but the reality is, most small businesses fail because people can only really learn this from trial and error. They learn to think and act differently when it hurts.

If you are interested in accelerating this process and removing the pain of failure from your journey, we can offer you the wisdom of a Brains Trust of entrepreneurs who created start-ups that sold for between $6 Million and $1.2 Billion.

And, on top of that, we can offer you learning about what NOT to do from people who were bankrupted by their business failure.

With your individual results in the Entrepreneur Profile, you get to see exactly where you can trust your own thinking (your superpowers) and where you might need to develop and grow (your blindspots).

This 'heads-up' is unique to this online program and 100% research-based.

It is also 10 x less painful than watching your time and savings go down the drain.

Being self-employed requires massive self-belief to persist. This program will show you where to maintain that self-belief, where to have even more confidence in yourself, and precisely how to get out of your own way.

This is what you will find out

Your Superpowers

We show you all the thinking patterns that you share with people who built a business from scratch and sold it for between $6 Million - $1.2 Billion

Your Blindspots

We make sure you know about any thinking patterns that you share with people who were Bankrupted by their business venture


Your talent is the 'the secret sauce' in your business

Investors in start-ups know that the talent of the Founder is the secret sauce to business success; in fact, they pride themselves in ‘talent spotting’ the best people to bet on, and they see it as a bigger predictor of success than the initial business idea.

Thanks to solid scientific research, there is now a clear map of the mindset of successful business builders and an understanding of exactly how their thinking, motivation, and attitude patterns contribute to success or failure. This is so solid that even experienced investors are turning to this research to help them 'talent spot' before putting their money down.

If you are already spending your savings and investing your time into a business unpaid, then YOU are your own biggest investor. This e-learning offers you access to exactly the same as Entrepreneur Profile. In our interactive lessons, we will tell you just how much of a millionaire mindset you already have, and raise the alarm about any thinking patterns that correlate with bankruptcy.

This is NOT a measurement of personality and it is NOT going to pop you in a box, or give you a 'type' or a 'colour'. It IS a measurement of patterns that you can choose to change.

If you don't want to wait 5 - 10 years to figure out how you need to BE to succeed in business, you don't have to anymore.

What You'll Get

Proven Mental Strategies

How do the highest-achieving people succeed? Our elearning will answer this with real scientific research. This is the end of books and podcasts on the millionaire mindset and the moment when you are handed the Keys to the Kingdom!

Focus for Change

Entrepreneurs are NOT Born, they are made, usually from hard experience. The secret is how you think, and what motivates you. If you don't have this and you want it, this course is your chance to find out what the gap is and exactly how to change your thinking!

Precision Results

For every thinking pattern that is measured, you will see exactly where you fall in a Green, Orange and Red Zone. Your Entrepreneur Profile results are easy to understand with the interactive format of the elearning

Worried about discovering your 'blindspots'?

The thinking, motivation, and attitude patterns that are measured develop from experience. Discovering your 'Blindspots' is all about knowing what you need to be aware of, change, or balance.

Being aware of these things can prevent you from self-sabotaging your business with patterns like:

  • spending too long in the planning
  • refusing to get into the nitty-gritty tasks of the start-up business
  • having a decision-making process that leaves you always wondering
  • having a decision-making process that just takes too long
  • not staying connected to the 'why' of the work, and being unable to prioritize as a result
  • not being interested enough in the financial side of things to notice profitability
  • being so interested in the money that you miss big opportunities at the early stage
  • not being comfortable enough to create everything from scratch
  • not thinking at the strategic level, because you love the detail so much
  • being so fast that you move from one thing to another without ever finishing
  • loving change so much that you create too many new things to have any focus
  • being too influenced by other people's opinions and ideas to stay the course
  • not being interested enough in people to build a team
  • being drawn to the squeaky wheel so much that you cannot focus on the goals
  • not being able to think about risk at all... so you wander blindly into deep water

Discovering these patterns is not an excuse to be disappointed in yourself, it is an opportunity to 'stand on the shoulders of giants'. High-quality feedback like this is PRECISELY what people hope for from a business coach or mentor. It is the kind of feedback that can help you to succeed.

Experienced business owners who have taken this program tell us they just wish they had known these things earlier.

Whatever stage of business you are in, we guarantee you will learn something here that is unique to you, that will support your success and is not available anywhere else.

Your Results and How they are Relevant to Business

You will be able to see your results for the KEY patterns and capture this in the

MAP to Success for your stage of business:

Across each lesson, you will discover how your results are relevant to:

  • Profitability and longevity of a business
  • Successful funding events
  • Success for Start-up (first 5 years)
  • Success for Medium - Long-term Businesses (over 5 years)
  • Successful sale and exit of a business


How does it work?

Step 1 - You take a 20-minute survey

Step 2 - You receive the E-learning Program Workbook with your Entrepreneur Profile Results at the beginning

Step 3 - You type your results into the box in each Lesson to reveal what they mean

Step 4 - Capture if you fall into the Green, Orange or Red Zone for the pattern in your Workbook - the most important patterns fall into the MAP for Success


These are just some of the things you will learn about yourself....


We all know that successful business people move faster than most. You will find out if you move fast enough, or too fast.

Trigger to Act

Do you have the right balance between seeing/focussing and acting on 'making something good happen' vs 'preventing something bad happening'?

Relationship to Change

What is your appetite for change? Is it not enough to respond to the market as it shifts, or too much for business stability?

Approach to Tasks

When it comes down to the level of tasks, how much time do you spend thinking, planning and doing? Will you spend too much time on the wrong thing?


Do you like working with money as much as you need to? Are you interested enough in Money to see opportunities to make more and to track the profitability of your business?


How confident are you in your own thinking? Are you too influenced by the opinions of others?

Decision Making

How do you make decisions? What influences your decisions the most? Do you have the decision-making pattern that correlates with bankruptcy or the pattern that correlates with success?


Are you motivated to build a team?

Do you share the motivation patterns that people who network and build relationships with investors have?

Relationship to Change

Is the timeframe that motivates you the one that correlates with a Big Vision of what is possible? The kind that keeps people going when things get tough...

What You Will Receive


Join our private FaceBook Group for Q&A with the Trainers and interaction with other Participants

A digital workbook that you can type into, containing all your results, links to the lessons & key points from the course

Workbook includes guidance on how to strengthen patterns that you might need to increase

Opt-in for our Reminder Emails and we will help you to complete the program in 30 days

You have 12 months to take the course, and re-access it. After that date, it is a good idea to take the survey again

What past participants have had to say...


The most significant thing I have learnt in the course are the positive attributes I have to contribute to an existing/new business and how I can improve the negatives.

It is well worth doing the course before you take off on a new venture... then you can get the maximum enjoyment and financial benefits from your business in the beginning.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone starting out who just can't get their feet off the ground, and also for current business owners who want to expand. It will give you all the insight on how to make this happen!


So there's stuff in your life you know that you know and there's stuff in your life you know that you don't know.

What the course opened up for me was the realisation of the stuff I didn't know that I didn't know about myself.

I really got to the root of what slows me down and I have to say my procrastination has been sidelined!

Great course, great value and well recommended!


When I joined the program, I was hoping for/expecting to find out what may be hindering my ability to move forward in my business. At the end of the program, I have gained knowledge about what my strengths I have that those successful entrepreneurs and business owners also have. Well worth the investment.

I've done more in my business in the last 2 months that I have in the last 12 months combined. I've realised there are certain resources that I need to ask of others, and some things that I am amazing at when working for someone else that are actually holding me back in my business.

Kane Kendrick

This course is brilliant in terms of lifting your confidence to start a business idea. The modules empower you to recognise your strengths, while also outlining potential weak spots that need addressing to allow for the greatest chance of success.

For example; the score I received for my thoughts on ‘Money’ was quite low, which is very accurate and would mean that if I started a business I would not focus heavily on budgeting and where my spending is going which is essential for short and long term success.

If you are prepared to confront your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths, this is a brilliant course to build awareness and get started. I felt that I wanted to immediately start my own business idea while going through the modules as I learnt more about myself.

The confidence I feel now to at least try out a new idea based on my scores and reflection, is significantly higher than it was previously.

Business Coach in a Box

  • Your personal Entrepreneur Profile results
  • Access to Mindset Map To Success E-learning
  • Access to Coaches for Q&A in our Facebook Group

Your own Talent is the Key to Your Success

Let us help you discover how to use it today

Launch Price $47

But it won't stay this low for long

Our Money Back Guarantee

Whatever stage of business you are in, we guarantee you will learn something here that is unique to you, that will support your success and is not available anywhere else.

We are so confident that if you go through the course and feel that you don't get a single 'a-ha' about yourself as a business owner, then we don't deserve to keep your money.

Just email our team and they will promptly issue a refund.

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